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100,000 BodyBags

100,000 BodyBags are a punk / melodic hardcore band with a mix of other influences. Pontypridd-based, they were formed by the lead singer from Funeral in Berlin and are well-known amongst Manic Street Preacher fans as the early rivals. The 100,000 BodyBags have played nationwide and had several singles and an 11-track compilation CD released by various labels. The BodyBags write about everyday anxiety. Politics is never far beneath the surface.
Signed up with the Damaged Goods label, things were looking good for the trio. The first single had some serious critical success within the underground fanzine network and was voted into the year's Top Ten releases in Maximum Rock'n'Roll's end-of-year polls.
A second single was scheduled and released but after a minor riot at a gig in London, they were dropped by the label.
Weird records offered to release their next single, and an initial pressing of 500 was made. This sold well and a fourth single was commissioned by a Welsh company. It unfortunately went bust before the release date. Since that time the band have been self-releasing CDs.