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She Ripped

After two EPs, one album and three years’ worth of confusing audiences, She Ripped broke up in the summer of 2009. The band went their separate ways, Jake (guitar, vocals) gave up on music and signed on, Tom (bass) became a house composer and film extra, notably appearing in the background of one of the scenes in The King’s Speech, Rhodri (guitar) moved to Aberystwyth and became a House Music DJ in the backroom of a local pub and Chris (electronic drum machine) went travelling around the world.

Sometime in 2010 the group reunited during a session at the Pen Gelli where it was drunkenly decided to reform despite the setback of all members now being in University in different parts of the UK. The plan was made to write, practice and play gigs during their holidays while sending each other songs and ideas throughout semester time. It seems to be working.


The Treorchy Festival will be the first time She Ripped has played live in a month short of two years. Recently they have put out a song on the PRF Lake of Fake compilation and are working on their new record, which will be called Dad Rock Sampler. They look forward to playing live and hope to gather a decent crowd, or as Doctor Chris Rhythm put it: “ba-dum-dum-tshh.”