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The Satellites

 The Satellites have been gigging properly since April 2009, though the road to actual gigging took over five years.  Joe Public founder member of the punk rock beat combo had been playing in bands for a number of years from Scared of the Dark to numerous cabaret bands.  In each band Joe, a stalwart punk (at heart) from the real age of punk 77-81, had often wished that he had been an active musician in this era and played in a punk rock band.  In his early days as a drummer in the pre Mad Dog band Equus, he had played along to a few of the classics by the Clash and Pistols but never took this to fruition.
In a moment of enlightenment in 2004 he placed an advert for like minded punk rockers to join a new band called the Satellites.  After five years of people coming and going and no real continuity he almost gave up on his quest.......NOT!!!!!
At a fiftieth birthday party for the manager from Scared of the Dark days, he met up with some old friends.  Whilst watching unplugged versions of Jam songs and after a few bevies he noticed George, the bass player from Equus days and later Mad Dog.  Periodically through the night he just stood in front of George screaming the lyrics to Bodies by the Sex Pistols and threatened to do so until George relented and agreed to join the Satellites.  After countless attempts and beers, George became ‘George Amoeba’!  Bass player with the Satellites!!!!  John Viv Roberts (Viv Snit), George’s partner in rhythm in Mad dog also came on board along with Mickey (Mucus) Parry on guitar.  This all happened on one night!!!!  Rehearsals ensued over the coming weeks.  And there was much rejoicing!!!!
Mucus left shortly before the Satellites first gig to become a saxamyphonist and bass player in Stone Groove.  He was replaced by the legend that is Billy Bollocks, a well accomplished musician who had toured extensively with the band Twyp.  After completing 35 gigs in their first year, Amoeba and Snit retired from punk to concentrate on a regenerated Mad Dog.  Enter Bobby Bollocks!!!  Bobby is the brother of Billy Bollocks and has played in a number of bands, the most memorable Cartoon Network.
There was a period of inactivity as trials for new drummers to replace Viv Snit left the band downbeat (pun lol). Joe remembers a conversation with Viv Snit over a pint, where Viv commented that was really enjoying the progressive rock with Mad Dog, but he was missing the punk!!!  Soon, Viv Snit returned to the fold and there was much rejoicing!!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!
Even though the band realise that punk rock is not for everyone, or all venues, they all believe that it has a definite place in the rock market and they are determined to let everyone know about it.... Loudly!!!