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WANTED are a 5 piece classic rock / indie band. The band have been unlucky in the past, with different members joining and leaving for various reasons. They now have a solid line-up who all work well together on stage and off. They are all acomplished musicians with similar tastes in music who all love performing to the crowds who regulary attend their gigs. They have played a variety of venues, including weddigs & festivals, more recently 'The Beer 'N' Cider Fest' at Brynffynon Llanwonno, in May this year. They were impressed so much with the bands ability and choice of music that they have been asked back to perform at the next festival August 28th.

Their set includes songs from the likes of; Gary Moore, Bon Jovi, The Killers and even Madonna, George Michael and The Beatles are played ( but with a twist ).
All 5 members of Wanted are local to the valleys.
Wanted, is made up of;
Zak Connors - Vocals ......Zak is known localy for his solo carear as well as the may bands that he has fronted over the years. These include, Shady Deal, The Strangers, Oblivious and now Wanted ( also Wanted do a Whitesnake / 80's rock tribute night with the help from a keyboard player from Bridgend ).
Edward Sprauge - Lead Guitar......Primary School Teacher Edd,has recently been in the band The Duplicates but joined Wanted Dec 2010. Edd, has wanted to join a band with Zak, since hearing him sing many years ago. After many failed attempts, it has finally happened.
Lewis Stephens - Lead Guitar......Lewis (Or Rock God as he likes to call himself..lol ) is also in local band Face Value. He joined Wanted again, ( he was 1 of the original members ) in January 2011. Lewis had to leave Wanted last year when he was asked to go to America, he recently played at the Download Festival with American band White Wizzard and has just been asked back to tour America with them.
Zak Smith - Drums.......17 year old Zak has been with Wanted since the beginning. He has lessons with local drummer David Watkins and regulary wows audiences with his drumming ability. Still at school doing Art and Media A s levels but he still finds the time to learn any song that is asked of him and reherse weekly with the band.
John 'Sion' Phillips - Bass Guitar......John is the newest member to join the band in Feb 2011. John was in the band The Heist but wanted to join another band because of his love of performing on stage.